Plugging Your Name Not  Just Your Music Online

CountryWired President and Founder, Stephanie Orr-Buttrey will be speaking at the Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival August 21 -24, 2014 during the Workshop Series.

Pitching your song is one thing, but you also need to pitch your Brand! YOU! letting people know who you and your song are will lead your song to being heard,  possibly cut, and your cuts will lead you to more cuts. Just as you gravitate to Brand Names in your everyday life you will learn how to promote your brand (yourself) to more success.  Stephanie Orr-Buttrey, President of CountryWired, Inc.,  will introduce you to ideas that will establish your name as a brand and help promote yourself, your songs and your successes.

Be prepared to learn more about online branding, with websites and social media and the importance of free tools like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more

 This workshop will give you first hand knowledge how to promote you and your songs on-line and in today’s social media world!

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