What if you made a podcast but didn’t have to maintain a whole feed?

Despite beginning at 1AM ET on Monday, Musk’s room quickly hit the Clubhouse cap of 5,000 concurrent listeners — as did one overflow room hosting a broadcast of his appearance, and then another overflow room after that. All day long, hustlers and hucksters sought to get in on the action, hosting pre-show discussions, post-show recaps, and in at least one case, a cash giveaway sponsored by Square.

The only social-networking moment I can compare it to in recent years would be the 2015 South by Southwest festival when the streets of Austin were briefly overrun by people broadcasting themselves on Meerkat. Then, as now, the once-stable field of social networks hummed with a fresh sense of possibility.

Source: Elon Musk just showed how Clubhouse can succeed – The Verge