Instagram Broadcast Channels – A New Way to Reach Your Fans

Instagram recently rolled out its new Broadcast Channel feature to all creators on its platform. The new feature allows creators to reach their followers in a brand new way: through “one-to-many” messaging, creators can share text, polls, videos, photos, and voice messages in a personal message style. Members of the channel cannot message back in the Broadcast Channel, but they can react to messages with emoji and vote in posted polls.

From Instagram

Creators can encourage their followers to join the channel through specialized stickers for their stories or by “inviting” their followers to the channel. They can also pin the channel to their profile. Followers can decide whether or not to join the channel, and from there, which notifications they receive from it. By default, notification settings are set to “some,” with other options being “all” or “none.”

Other Broadcast Channel features include links for followers to share the channel with their friends and a collaboration feature that allows creators to invite guests to message on their channels. Instagram plans continued support and new features for Broadcast Channels as time goes on, such as moderators, question prompts, and more.

You can read Instagram’s official announcement here.