Doppl is a startup founded earlier this year with the goal of introducing a new way for individuals to present themselves online: “AI Twins.” These AI twins are digital representations of an individual that can interact on a one-to-one level with fans, create promotional material, and more. They are trained on an artist’s voice and personality to create a personalized experience.
Doppl states that the models will be owned completely by the artist they are trained after, noting their belief that “personal representations should be created from one’s own data, encrypted, and under their full control.” They say this gives individuals complete control over their online presence and representation.

While it isn’t clear exactly what a Doppl AI twin would consist of, they describe their service as digital artifacts that act as digital representations of people in various formats. These AI twins have the potential to bring a personal touch to investments, as seen through their partnership with Royaltiz, a platform that allows people to invest in their favorite sports talent.
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