New Features to Publish and Drive Discovery
As the video destination, Facebook Watch grows, Facebook is continuing to make publishing videos on Facebook more flexible than ever, with powerful new ways to publish, organize, and drive discovery around your content. Facebook has rolled out updates to playlists and a new feature called series, a brand new way to publish episodic content on your Pages. Playlists and series can help all Pages that create related content increase discovery across the Facebook app ecosystem.
Facebook covers everything you need to get started with playlists and series. Specifically:
  • Optimizing your Pages: Creating Pages, choosing a Template, and the new Videos tab
  • Deep dive into playlist and series features, what’s new, their value, and when to use one instead of the other
  • When to create a new Page vs a new playlist or series
  • Best Practices for successful playlists and series
  • Crossposting and sharing
  • Leveraging bulk features to efficiently publish