In its latest report, H2 2022 Social Video Trends, Tubular Labs found that viewership of short-form content on YouTube – videos under a minute long – have grown 135% on the platform in Q2 2022 compared to Q2 2021. While the growth is impressive, Tubular notes that this trend does not mean long-form content is disappearing from YouTube. Tubular found that while short-from content does well in reaching new audiences, long-form content is used best to create loyal audiences and drive minutes-watched. Not all creators are activating against short-form content on YouTube the same way, however. According to Tubular, individual creators create 95% of short-form content on the platform. Creators like LeoNata Family are leading examples of the power of individuals using short-form content to their advantage. So far, their short-form videos have gathered 6.6B YouTube views this year. To find more 2022 social video trends from Tubular Labs, download the report here.

Source: Short-form videos increase viewership on YouTube, year-over-year | Ad Age