This is How Much Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s Music Sales Have Really Spiked Since Their Super Bowl Halftime Show | Showbiz CheatSheet

This is How Much Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s Music Sales Have Really Spiked Since Their Super Bowl Halftime Show | Showbiz CheatSheet

Entertainers are not paid to headline the halftime show. The NFL does cover the costs of producing the show as well as a few other expenses for the artists but it does not give them an actual check after it’s all said and done. However, those who take the stage during the big game enjoy other perks, and Shakira and JLo are finding that out now. Read on to find out how much their music sales have spiked and which song has had the most downloads since.

After Lady Gaga’s halftime show in 2017, she saw a spike in her album sales by 1,980%. The following year, Justin Timberlake’s Spotify streams increased by 214%. And in 2019, Maroon 5’s halftime performance boosted the group’s sales by 434%.

According to initial sales reports via Nielsen Music, the songs performed during the show garnered a sales increase of 1,013% in the U.S. Collectively, those tunes sung by the women sold 16,000 digital downloads on Sunday, up from 1,000 sold the day before.

Billboard noted that the Puerto Rican and Colombian stars also saw an increase with the sales for the rest of the songs in their catalogs as well. Download sales in the U.S. reached 21,000 downloads on Feb. 2, up from 2,000 on Feb. 1.   

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Pinterest Trends gives marketers a view of the top U.S. searches on the platform | Marketing Land

Pinterest Trends gives marketers a view of the top U.S. searches on the platform | Marketing Land

The new tool provides data on search terms over the last 12 months, along with when those terms peaked.

  • Pinterest Trends is still in beta and will become available on desktop in the U.S. over the coming weeks.
  • The company also announced the Pinterest 100, its annual report on the top emerging trends for the coming year.
  • Google has also announced its own list of trending consumer searches. Dubbed the Google Shopping 100, the page lists specific products that are rising in popularity this holiday season.

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Will These Be the Biggest Social Media Trends of 2020? | Small Business Trends

Will These Be the Biggest Social Media Trends of 2020? | Small Business Trends

With ever-increasing popularity, a new survey and report from Adobe Spark looks to find out the social media trends that will shape how people work in 2020.

The researchers spoke to business owners, freelancers, marketers, designers, side-hustlers, students and influencers regarding their social media and content creation habits. The goal is to identify the trends around the content they are creating in video, how-to content, remixing and more. Not only that, but Adobe Spark also says these trends will shape what is created on social along with how and why it is created.

By identifying these trends, you can better communicate with your audience on your social media channels. For many small business owners who now use social media as part of their digital marketing mix, the report offers some valuable insights.

202 Social Media Trends Include:

  • Social Media is the New Branded Homepage
  • Engaging Video Content (Video has 48% more views than images)
  • Conversation not Broadcasting (how to convert your viewer)
  • Social Media and Marketing (3.1 billion people using social media next year)

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How to Adapt to Facebook Algorithm Changes

How to Adapt to Facebook Algorithm Changes

Conclusions on Facebook Algorithm Changes

Facebook algorithm changes will never stop. That much seems clear. If we take that as our starting point, here are some things that marketers can trust through past, ongoing, and future changes:

  • Don’t expect a Facebook algorithm change – at least not one announced publicly – that deprioritizes content from friends in favor of content from your store. Period. The trends is always in the direction of friends and family, and away from brands. So assume that the News Feed algorithm will never be as nice to you as it is today.
  • If there’s a silver lining, it’s this: Facebook is making changes to keep users more engaged. Engaged users are more likely to engage with ads. Your ads. It’s not like Facebook is becoming a charity. There will still be ads, and if these Facebook algorithm changes have their intended effect, those ads will be seen by users who enjoying themselves and open to seeing your ads.
  • Facebook algorithm changes are a good reminder that Facebook is not the be all end all of advertising. Facebook is sexy. The user base is ginormous, the Business Manager UX is nice (mostly), there is a proven record of brands gaining traction and driving sales via Facebook. At some point, though, these Facebook algorithm changes might test your patience. And when that happens, remember that Instagram, AdWords, and our old friend SEO will be waiting with open arms.

4 Strategies for a Strong Early Marketing Plan

Joining the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, Pinterest is adding capability for video advertisements that may give other social media channels a run for their money.

After testing with advertisers for a year, Pinterest decided to follow in the footsteps of Facebook with the autoplay format. But Pinterest is also addressing known issues by allowing advertisers to use metrics from third-party sources such as Moat and Nielsen.

Mobile Marketer reports that this worked: Visa saw a 33 percent gain in its image as an innovator, and Cheetos experienced an increase in purchase intent of more than 50 percent as result of Pinterest’s adaptation.

Pinterest’s decision to jump into the video ad pool illustrates its commitment to an evolving marketing platform. Startups can learn a lot from this approach — not because video advertisements are the end-all, be-all of marketing, but because a strong and pragmatic early marketing plan is essential to company viability and growth.

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Tap the Millenial Market by Using Music as Your Medium – Entrepreneur

Artists have great chances of reaching millennials this summer with festivals and reaching out to brands wanting to tap into this market. Just make sure you bring your swag and product with you to truly captivate this market.




Over the last year I have noticed less and less interaction with ads I make in Facebook.  I find more interaction with organic reach and make sure we post more content driven information with a link to buy.  To the point that many times if I want to turn it into an ad it is too wordy and Facebook rejects it.  So I have to build out a different ad post for Facebook to approve. However in doing so I do not see much traffic or clickthroughs.  Therefore have been disappointed in Facebook ads.

Now with the latest change from Facebook coming in January many of those posts we have good traffic with will be sent to less people starting next year.  And I will be expected to do more ads instead. With my results already lacking with Facebook ads, I do not think it will motivate me to encourage my clients to do more Facebook ads.

Here is more news on that front.  I will post more of my strategies  for 2015 in the coming weeks!


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