Top 10 YouTube Stats for 2020 [Infographic] – SocialMediaToday

Top 10 YouTube Stats for 2020 [Infographic] – SocialMediaToday

Video is the best performing content type across every social media network, and YouTube is the leading online platform for video viewing. 

If you’re looking to maximize your video campaigns, then YouTube should definitely be in your planning. You can set up a YouTube channel for your business, upload your updates, optimize your listings, and draw increased traffic, both from Google search (note: Google owns YouTube) and on YouTube itself.

And if you are looking to make YouTube a bigger focus in 2020, then this collection of stats from the team at Hootsuite will come in handy. The below infographic highlights some key usage insights for the video platform, which may help you in your strategic planning.

For more context on these numbers, you can check out Hootsuite’s full overview of YouTube here.

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This  a great article about Audio and the Internet. I have pulled some excerpts that points out how we feel about promoting music and what tools we use to create the stir that we long to be viral. Read it all (notice I didn’t say listen!)  at Why Audio Never Goes Viral 

Cat Video Vs. The Cat’s Meow

Bianca Giaever has always been obsessed with radio. As a child, while she biked her newspaper delivery route, she listened to an iPod loaded exclusively with episodes of WBEZ’s “This American Life.” At Middlebury College, she stalked her classmates, dragging them to her dorm room to record interviews she edited into stories for the college station and smaller audiences online. “I was fully planning on working in radio,” she says. “My whole life.” That is until, the day after graduation, she became a viral video star.

When she painstakingly crafted moving audio narratives, her parents and brother listened. When she added video to her final college project, “The Scared is Scared” — a 6-year-old’s dream movie brought to life — “It just. Blew. Up.”

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