YouTube Music tests new Now Playing UI with simpler access to lyrics (Updated)

YouTube Music tests new Now Playing UI with simpler access to lyrics (Updated)

More than a year after launch, Google is still bringing slow, but tangible improvements to YouTube Music. While the ability to upload your own tracks to the service isn’t yet live, we now have confirmation that it’s coming. A little less exciting piece of news is that the app is testing a new, improved Now Playing interface.

The point of this new UI is to make everything clearer. Shuffle and repeat buttons are no longer hidden in the sliding queue overlay, and lyrics are more prominently displayed instead of being mysteriously concealed behind the information button. There are also several cosmetic changes, including a centered album art and progress bar, a toggle for song/video, and some reshuffling of the different buttons.

Top 10 YouTube Stats for 2020 [Infographic] – SocialMediaToday

Top 10 YouTube Stats for 2020 [Infographic] – SocialMediaToday

Video is the best performing content type across every social media network, and YouTube is the leading online platform for video viewing. 

If you’re looking to maximize your video campaigns, then YouTube should definitely be in your planning. You can set up a YouTube channel for your business, upload your updates, optimize your listings, and draw increased traffic, both from Google search (note: Google owns YouTube) and on YouTube itself.

And if you are looking to make YouTube a bigger focus in 2020, then this collection of stats from the team at Hootsuite will come in handy. The below infographic highlights some key usage insights for the video platform, which may help you in your strategic planning.

For more context on these numbers, you can check out Hootsuite’s full overview of YouTube here.

Read the whole article at

Facebook’s Answer To YouTube Is A Social Video Platform Called ‘Watch’ –


Facebook wants to become a destination for exploring video content—and, of course, selling ads there, too.

Facebook, the social network once heralded as a great disruptor of traditional television advertising, has just launched its very own TV product.

Called “Watch,” the social video platform will offer a slew of original content created in partnership with some familiar publishers from your News Feed, such as ATTN, BuzzFeed’s Tastemade and Condé Nast, among others.

Unlike traditional TV, and similar to Netflix, Watch debuts with a focus on personalization and discovery. A Watchlist, unique for each user, will feature prioritized shows you may like based on the shows you already follow. A Discover tab will surface new programming for you to browse.



Watching more services popping up for you to decipher what you are listening to in any environment. This iOS and Android app currently supports over 20 services, including Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, iTunes, YouTube, and SoundCloud. We find this a great opportunity to reach out to your fans no matter what service they drawn to.   Something worth keeping your eyes and ears on!

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