Entertainers are not paid to headline the halftime show. The NFL does cover the costs of producing the show as well as a few other expenses for the artists but it does not give them an actual check after it’s all said and done. However, those who take the stage during the big game enjoy other perks, and Shakira and JLo are finding that out now. Read on to find out how much their music sales have spiked and which song has had the most downloads since.

After Lady Gaga’s halftime show in 2017, she saw a spike in her album sales by 1,980%. The following year, Justin Timberlake’s Spotify streams increased by 214%. And in 2019, Maroon 5’s halftime performance boosted the group’s sales by 434%.

According to initial sales reports via Nielsen Music, the songs performed during the show garnered a sales increase of 1,013% in the U.S. Collectively, those tunes sung by the women sold 16,000 digital downloads on Sunday, up from 1,000 sold the day before.

Billboard noted that the Puerto Rican and Colombian stars also saw an increase with the sales for the rest of the songs in their catalogs as well. Download sales in the U.S. reached 21,000 downloads on Feb. 2, up from 2,000 on Feb. 1.   

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