The messaging app Threads, owned by Instagram, has rolled out a web version after lots requests from users. The launch greatly expands access to Threads by making it available on desktop for the first time.

Key highlights:

  • Threads web allows posting, viewing feed, interacting with posts
  • But some features like editing profile not yet available
  • Web support has been a hugely popular request from users
  • Follows other recent Threads updates like reverse chron feed
  • Threads saw huge early growth but engagement declined post-launch
  • Web could help revive interest and daily active users
  • Still lacks key features like search and trends vs Twitter
  • Continues Threads’ evolution from side-app to standalone platform

The introduction of Threads on the web marks a major expansion for the fledgling platform. While the web version is still playing catch-up on features, its launch demonstrates Threads’ commitment to accessibility across devices.

As Threads continues building out its product, the potential is there to become a mainstream, Twitter-like conversation hub. The web app gets it one step closer by opening the doors to desktop users. But it will need to keep iterating to truly compete as an open social platform.

Overall, the web launch highlights Threads’ steady development into a fully-featured social media tool. With strong engagement among its initial users, Threads now needs to attract a wider audience through improvements like web support. Its next challenges will be adding key features like search while retaining its loyal base.


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