TikTok has introduced a new Search Ads Toggle feature that allows brands to extend their in-feed ad campaigns to TikTok’s search results. With this new capability, brands can now reach high-intent users who are actively searching for content relevant to their business.

According to TikTok’s internal research, 70% of ad groups using the Search Ads Toggle see more efficient performance compared to not having it enabled. This is because the search ads drive incremental conversions from users who are already interested in the brand or product.

The Search Ads Toggle works by automatically creating search ads using the brand’s existing in-feed ad creative and targeting parameters. These ads then appear alongside organic search results when users search for relevant keywords. The ads are labeled as “Sponsored” and their positioning depends on factors like relevancy and user intent.

Brands like Clinique UK and DIBS Beauty have already seen success with the Search Ads Toggle during major shopping events like Black Friday. For DIBS Beauty, enabling the toggle extended their campaign reach beyond the For You feed and into active brand and product searches.

For brands looking to boost discovery, the Search Ads Toggle unlocks a new way to connect with high-intent users across TikTok. And it’s simple to enable – brands can turn on the toggle when creating new campaigns or even mid-flight on existing ones.

As TikTok continues to refine its search experience, the Search Ads Toggle offers brands a powerful new tool to drive reach, engagement, and sales. Brands interested in maximizing discovery should consider testing this new capability in their TikTok marketing strategies.


Introducing the TiTok Search Ads Toggle | TikTok for Business