Twitter began rolling out the monetization option for creators last September; Now if your account has more than 10k followers and you have tweeted more than 30 times in the last month, you could be eligible to create a member paywall for your Twitter followers. Called ‘Super Following,’ this subscription provides fans extra content, and soon, Super Follows-only spaces and newsletters.

Creators can find and interact with their Super Followers by looking for the Super Followers badge. These public badges will be highlighted under their Super Followers’ names whenever they reply to a creator’s Tweet.

Once you are approved for Supper Follow, you can set up a subscription tier of 2.99, 4.99, or 9.99 (USD) a month and your fans will receive information on how to join. At this time I would recommend the lower price as at this time you can only give your Super Followers extra content tweets and the Super Follower badge. As new perks roll out, you can increase your pay tier if you feel you need to. Currently, you must pick one tier and stay on it, but Twitter notes that in the future you will be able to change it.

Non-subscribers will see your regular public Tweets, but they won’t see your Super Follow Tweets. They also won’t see any Super Follow Tweets sent via a link or in a Direct Message.

Super Followers can Quote Tweet or Retweet your Super Follow Tweets, but when they do non-subscribers only see their addition, not the content of your tweet. They won’t see Retweets of your Super Follows Tweets at all. Instead, they’ll be instructed to Super Follow you in order to see your Super Follows Tweet, a juicy way to create FOMO for your other fans.

Twitter boasts that up to 97% of the revenue of your Super Follow subscription goes to you, after in-app purchase fees, until you reach $50K in lifetime earnings across all Twitter monetization products (i.e. Twitter ticketed spaces or newsletter subscribers). Payment would be made through a Stripe account with a $50 minimum threshold. This will also come to you as 1099 income for those who have earned more than $600 in a tax year.

As a marketer and someone that has created websites, online fan clubs, pushed pre-sales and exclusive content in the past, I can see this being a go-to Text message/newsletter service, as you can send content in small chunks but also interact with fans in DM knowing they have a Super Follow badge. As an added bonus, you are not paying for the service, the fans are paying you, and you do not have to maintain the list or keep security patches up to date. I believe this is a great way to test the waters of subscription services with true fans that are willing to test it out with you.

What I’d like to see added to this service:

  • public tweets with images only visible to your Super Followers
  • links and codes to presales
  • Q&A for Super Followers for a predetermined time slot
  • share unlisted videos to Super Followers before they are released
  • anounce private Twitter spaces or listen to Spaces Recordings

Speaking of Newsletters, you can now use Twitter-owned service Revue, giving you a free newsletter service that will show on your Twitter profile. Look for more info about this in next month’s CountryWired Editorial!