With ever-increasing popularity, a new survey and report from Adobe Express looks to find out the social media trends that will shape how people work in 2020.

The researchers spoke to business owners, freelancers, marketers, designers, side-hustlers, students and influencers regarding their social media and content creation habits. The goal is to identify the trends around the content they are creating in video, how-to content, remixing and more. Not only that, but Adobe Spark also says these trends will shape what is created on social along with how and why it is created.

By identifying these trends, you can better communicate with your audience on your social media channels. For many small business owners who now use social media as part of their digital marketing mix, the report offers some valuable insights.

202 Social Media Trends Include:

  • Social Media is the New Branded Homepage
  • Engaging Video Content (Video has 48% more views than images)
  • Conversation not Broadcasting (how to convert your viewer)
  • Social Media and Marketing (3.1 billion people using social media next year)

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